How does the service work?

I’m an online service which means your precious photos will never leave your possession! I’ll need you to scan any physical photographs you’d like me to work on at the highest quality available to you and then send them across to me with a description of the work you’d like to be done.

If colourising a black and white photo, it’d be great to know of any colours that you’re aware of (for instance if it’s a green uniform) or else let me know if you’re happy to colour as I see fit (these can be adjusted later).

Remember, 99% of the time, even the impossible is possible when it comes to photo retouching, so even if you think you’re asking for something that can’t be done, please ask anyway! I might just surprise you 🙂


Colour Correction

Basic colour enhancement of dull or dark photographs starts at just £5 per photograph.

Particularly dark or difficult images may incur additional charges (indicated at quotation stage)

Photo Colourisation

Colouring of black and white photographs starts at just £20 per photograph but can cost more depending on the content of the image.

For example a portrait of one or two people with a fairly plain background will cost less than a photo of an entire football team posing with a full stadium of fans in the background.

Photo Restoration

Restoration of damaged photographs starts at just £10 per photograph. If you have a picture that is folded, creased or torn, or has a lot of marks and blemishes, we can look to repair these for you.

Please note that the more damaged the photographs are, the more they may cost to repair.

Other Requests

If what you need isn’t listed above, please get in touch and find out if it’s a service that can be offered!

Colour Correction
  • Per Photograph
B&W Colourisation
  • Per Photograph
Image Restoration
  • Per Photograph